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Asthma Treatment In Charleston, SCAsthma symptoms can be very stressful for both asthma sufferers and the parents of young asthma patients. Asthma is the chronic lung disease that causes wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, among other things.

Typically the onset of asthma is in early childhood and continues throughout a patient’s life. While asthma can be stressful, scary, and inconvenient, with the right treatment and help from an asthma specialist, many patients have very few or no symptoms over time.

The specialists at Alpha Care will develop a personalized plan for you, but we want to showcase the top 5 ways to deal with your asthma symptoms.

1. Long-Term Medicine

Effective long-term medications reduce inflammation in the airways, such as pill-form or inhaled corticosteriods, help prevent the symptoms from starting. These types of medicine do not provide quick relief of symptoms in the case of an attack.

2. Quick Relief Medicine

Everyone who has asthma needs to have quick relief medications on hand in case of asthma attacks. These types of medications quickly relax tight airways/muscles to allow for easy air flow.

3. Avoid Asthma Triggers

Once you and your doctor figure out what makes your asthma symptoms worse, such as pet dander, pollution, or pollen, you should try to avoid coming in contact with those.

4. Record Your Asthma Symptoms

When you have asthma and are working with a specialist to figure out the best medicines for you, it is extremely important to track your symptoms and medications needed. You and your doctor will be able to develop a personalized action plan.

5. Use An Asthma Action Plan

You can create a personalized asthma action plan with your doctor. Your plan will include specifics about when to call the doctor or go to hospital, as well as daily treatments. These can be especially helpful for parents of children with asthma.  Check out the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Action Plan Template.

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