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Charleston Whiplash TreatmentAfter anyone has been involved in a traumatic accident that causes the head and neck to “whip” back and forth, it is extremely important for you to get checked out by a whiplash specialist. The back and neck team at any of our four Alpha Care locations can help diagnose and treat your whiplash (or any other neck/back issue caused by your accident).

Whiplash Treatment

While minor cases of whiplash can heal on their own, specialists can help you shorten your recovery time and ease your pain. Our Charleston team of chiropractors will help you implement a recovery plan that is personalized for you. Typically whiplash treatment includes:

Pain Medication – Our doctors can prescribe you a regiment of pain killers to help you with serious pain.

whiplash treatmentNeck Brace – To prohibit movement and provide additional support to the damaged vertebrae in some serious whiplash cases, we can provide a brace or collar to wear around your neck for a short period of time.

Ultrasound Therapy – For cases needing physical therapy, ultra sound therapy can be used to promote blood circulation and help reduce muscle pain and stiffness.

Massage – Massage therapy can help target muscle tension that develops due to whiplash.

Ice + Heat – At home, patients will be instructed to follow a hot and cold therapy routine. Ice can help reduce swelling and pain immediately after injury. After 2 to 3 days of icing regularly and the swelling as gone down, moist heat can be applied to help with tension.

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