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Back Exercises to Promote a Healthy Back

back exercises Charleston scWhen you’re looking to promote a healthy back by maintaining and improving back function, it is vital that you exercise regularly in order to keep a level of fitness that will prevent back pain. Exercise is the best way to aid back pain and injury because it will strengthen and improve your functionality when you stretch and perform aerobic exercises that promote a healthy back. Research has demonstrated that patients who are physically fit, recover quicker from back pain and injuries than patients who aren’t.

Besides maintaining the proper weight for your height, the following exercises are recommended for people who are looking to promote a healthy back and are not currently experiencing back pain. If you do have back pain, you must first consult your doctor before exercising to prevent producing more pain on your back.

Strengthening Exercises to Promote a Healthy Back

To help increase your muscle tone and improve your muscle quality, you could perform daily strengthening exercises that will boost your endurance and provide energy like:

Curl Ups: While you’re laying down, place your arms on your sides and bend your knees. Now tilt your pelvis in order to flatten your back. Raise your head and shoulders so that your shoulder blades are off of the floor. Hold that position for 5 to 10 seconds, and then repeat this 10 times.

Stretching Exercises to Promote a Healthy Back

Your level of flexibility depends on your ability to move your legs and arms in their full range of motion. When you stretch, you’re boosting your flexibility which helps the tissues that surround your spine and pelvis. By stretching, you’re preventing abnormal force on your joints, and that decreases possibilities of hurting your back.

Hamstring Stretch as you Lie Down: Lay down with your knees bent, and raise one leg while supporting the backside of your thigh with both of your hands. Try to straighten your knee until you feel a comfortable stretch on the back of your thigh. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds, and then repeat 3 times. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

Aerobic Exercises That Promote a Healthy Back

The best cardiovascular conditioning to strengthen your heart and lungs while improving your body’s ability to utilize oxygen is by performing aerobic exercises like:







For best results, try to work up your aerobic exercise time from 20 minutes to 60 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week. It is best practice to start with a warm-up and some stretching before performing aerobic exercises.