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If you suffer from allergies, whether they are seasonal or not, you are going to need to find an allergist who will help you with your symptoms and work through treatment options with you. At our four convenient locations around Charleston, SC, we can offer you high-quality allergy treatment from only the best allergists in the area.

Allergist Charleston SCTreatment

Getting treatment for your allergies is the only way to relieve your symptoms and get live your life without fear of having an allergy attack. One of the main ways we treat allergy symptoms is through allergy shots. Allergies shots are considered to be a form of immunotherapy, which train your body over time to not be affected by various allergy triggers. With continuing shot therapy, the body becomes less sensitive to the trigger therefore minimizing the effects and reactions you would typically experience.

Our On-Staff Allergist

Dr. Frederick Schaffer is our on-staff allergist, board certified in asthma, allergy and immunology. Dr. Schaffer is the chief of allergy at Alpha Care, as well as being an Associate Professor of Allergy and Immunology, specializing in pediatric pulmonology at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He has published over 35 medical papers in the field of allergies and immunology, as well as competitively acquired scientific and clinically based grants for research purposes. Dr. Schaffer thoroughly enjoys the practice of family medicine, pediatric and family allergy treatment and, along with his medical colleagues, looks forward to providing the best of clinical care available to you and your family.

Alpha Care

If you have allergies, it may be time for you to seek treatment. Here at Alpha Care, we care about your health and want to help with any problems you may have. Alpha Care’s friendly team is available for same day appointments in each of our four locations. No referrals are needed to make an appointment at Alpha Care. Find your new allergist at one of our four convenient locations or call us today at (843) 824-2273.