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When to Go In For Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are definitely not a panacea for allergies but they can definitely help eliminate some issues and side effects. Whether people suffer from seasonal allergies, severe allergies or food allergies, and are unable to take medications for whatever reasons, allergy shots are a great option. You should contact your healthcare provider for more information.

Allergies and Shots and Asthma Charleston

What They Are

Allergies shots are considered to be a form of immunotherapy, which train your body over time to not be affected by various allergy triggers. The actual shot itself contains a small portion of the trigger itself and over time, that portion begins to grow. With continuing shot therapy, the body becomes less sensitive to the trigger therefore minimizing the effects and reactions you would typically experience.

When to Consider Shots

When to consider shots

Allergy shot therapy is great for younger patients and those who have difficulty taking medications. There are numerous medications on the market that can make you drowsy and while them eliminate reactions – your body is not learning what it needs to defend itself against. Additionally, many people have allergic reactions to allergy medications, kind of defeats the purpose if you really think about it. Speaking with your regular physician will give you more insight as to whether or not you should speak to an allergist about if shots will be the proper option.

Those who experience severe reactions that tend to interfere with daily activities are great candidates, as well as asthma patients and those who have high blood pressure problems. Being that they are safe from the age of two on, allergy shots are a great option to consider instead of having to suffer through allergic reactions and being miserable throughout your day.

There is no reason to be nervous about how the appointment will go at the allergist. A thorough history will be gathered and more than likely and series of allergy tests will be conducted to see exactly what you are allergic too. An allergist is trained to specifically handle these type of reactions and help alleviate as much discomfort as possible.


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