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One of the most commons causes of back injury is from straining while lifting an object. This can include weights, boxes, children, or really anything you pick up. Your back handles a lot of stress and adding extra weight to that strain can cause problems. If you are worried about using the right techniques to avoid back injury, read the following directions!

back injury while lifting charleston scTips To Avoid Back Injury While Lifting

Test Before You Lift – Check the package by moving it with your hands or feet to see how heavy it actually is. Don’t be surprised and strain your back by picking something up that is too heavy for you.

Use Your Arms & Legs, Not Your Back – Try to keep your back straight while lifting an object, putting the strain on your arms and legs. Your arms and legs are better equipped for the strain.

Keep Your Back Straight – Keeping your back straight, not arched can help prevent nerve damage and place the weight of an object on the proper part of your body (legs and arms).

Lift With Slow Steady Movement – Don’t try to lift something quickly with jerky movements. The sudden movement can hurt your back muscles.

Don’t Twist – Do not twist your back while lifting to avoid straining more muscles. Always try to keep the object you are lifting in front of you.

Carry Between Your Waist & Shoulders – The best place to carry your object is between your waist and your shoulders. This will put the least amount of strain on your back.

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Time To Visit The Chiropractor?

If you are one of the many people who has a back injury from lifting, or anything else, it is time to see a chiropractor. The Alpha Care chiropractors are standing by to help diagnose, treat, and resolve any back injury. Without proper treatment, back injuries can cause significant pain and ruin your overall quality of life. Our offices are located in Charleston, on James Island, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and close by in Summerville, SC. Call today at 843-824-2273 or contact us online.