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Avoiding Back to School Illness

Back to school means exposure to all sorts of germs that kids carry home and share amongst their siblings and parents. By taking some simple steps, you can avoid most back-to-school illnesses. Stay healthy this school year, with advice and care from Alpha Care.

Back to School

Preparing for back to school begins before kids even enter a school building. Hand washing should be a basic skill that kids learn as allergy remedies Charleston, sc, Back to Schoolsoon as they’re old enough to stand at a sink. For the most effective germ control, hand washing should follow these steps:

  • Wet hands thoroughly and lather well with soap
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds, especially around nail beds and between fingers. Have young children sing a short song like Twinkle Little Star or recite the ABCs for timing.
  • Rinse well with clean water.

In addition to hand washing, staying hydrated, keeping active, and avoiding sharing of personal items are important to avoiding the bugs that come along with going back to school.

Cold and Flu

Hand washing, keeping active and fit, and remaining hydrated will go a long way in preventing most illnesses. Cold and flu germs are viruses which means they can be more difficult to avoid. Viruses tend to die quickly outside the body, but they are readily transmitted through sharing of items that can carry bodily fluids- like a pencil that a child has been chewing on and hands to their friend. Teach your children to avoid putting items like pens and pencils in their mouths, and to avoid sharing food from their lunches.

Family Medicine 

If all of your precautions fail and your child catches one of the many bugs that seem to come along with going back to school, bring them down to Alpha Care and let our family medicine team help them get back on their feet and back in class as quickly as possible. We can also help educate your child in the whys and hows of keeping active and fit and staying healthy throughout the year, back to school and beyond.