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There are as many reasons to seek care with a chiropractor as there are patients. Some wish to save money, some patients prefer a holistic approach to health care, and some simply recognize the benefits of treating the source, rather than just the symptoms, of pain and other chronic conditions.

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Chiropractic care offers several advantages over traditional approaches to pain relief and recovery. First, there’s the obvious benefit of avoiding drug therapies. Some patients with allergies or women who are pregnant, should avoid taking strong pain killers. Chiropractic treatment can provide relief without the side effects.


Patients who have been in an accident or suffered trauma may find themselves dealing with intense pain from pinched and aggravated nerves. When vertebrae are out of place, they may press upon important nerves, impeding the natural working of the body’s most basic systems. When that pressure is released, the body is better able to heal itself. Chiropractic care is often used to complement other medical care, so be sure to share all of your treatments with each of your medical professionals.

Ongoing Wellness

Our bodies undergo a great deal of stress and work hard every single day. Just like vehicles that function best when they get regular oil changes, our bodies function more efficiently when we eat right, get enough sleep and exercise, and pay attention to maintenance. Regular adjustments help keep the joints and vertebrae in order, and help augment the body’s natural healing functions.

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Here at Alpha Care, we care about our patients affected by back and other pain and we want to help. Alpha Care’s friendly team and on-staff chiropractors are available for same day appointments in each of our four locations. No referrals are needed to make an appointment at Alpha Care. We provide the highest quality treatment for your pain using state of the art equipment. Find your new chiropractor or doctor at one of our four convenient locations or call us today at (843) 824-2273.