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Allergy and asthma treatment may be something you need because both can be hard to live with and can make your daily activities more difficult to do. If you suffer from either of these conditions, there is no need to wait to seek treatment. Alpha Care provides high-quality treatments for both of these conditions.

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Allergy and Asthma Treatment

One of the main ways we treat allergy symptoms is through allergy shots. Allergy shots are considered to be a form of immunotherapy, which train your body over time to not be affected by various allergy triggers. The actual shot itself contains a small portion of the trigger itself and over time, that portion begins to grow. With continuing shot therapy, the body becomes less sensitive to the trigger therefore minimizing the effects and reactions you would typically experience.

The doctors at Alpha Care will diagnose the extent of your asthma using physical tests, such as breathing or lung function tests. While diagnosing asthma in young children can be a challenge, our asthma and allergy experts can figure out whether a child’s wheezing is due to a respiratory infection, allergies, or full blown asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition with no cure but with proper treatment, sufferers can have little to no symptoms over time and enjoy normal activities. Treatment includes prescribing short-term and long-term medicines and avoiding asthma triggers.

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If you think you may have allergies or asthma or need asthma and allergy treatment, it may be time for you to seek diagnosis or treatment. Here at Alpha Care, we care about your health and want to help with any problems you may have. Alpha Care’s friendly team is available for same day appointments in each of our four locations. No referrals are needed to make an appointment at Alpha Care. Find your new doctor at one of our four convenient locations or call us today at (843) 824-2273.