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Decompression Traction System (treatment for pain of herniated discs)

When a person suffers from herniated disc pain, finding treatment that provides comfort is a top priority so that life can be enjoyable. Finding Decompression Traction System treatments that can improve your daily functions is crucial to your quality of life. Decompression therapy helps stretch your spine, relieve pressure from your discs, joints, and muscle tissue, while improving your body’s natural healing ability.

If you have herniated discs and are looking for non-surgical solutions, an excellent option to consider is decompression traction therapy to restore proper function of your injured spinal disc. Decompression therapy is not only very effective but also inexpensive. It’s a popular alternative to surgery. A decompression traction system is most effective for:

Any non-acute lower back or neck pain syndrome that is not related to a canal stenosis, disease process, or acute sprain/strain injury can be treated by decompression therapy. Disc and facet pain is often relieved by early intervention with proper decompression therapy. Typically, you should have decompression therapy 3-5 times each week, depending on the extent and seriousness of your symptoms.

A decompression traction table produces a controlled, mechanical traction on your spine that produces a force of suction inside the disc. The suction pulls your herniations back into the center of your disc along with water, nutrients, oxygen, and other vital healing substances. If the decompression is successful, the disc will remain healthy well after treatment is completed.

At Alpha Care your comfort is our top priority and we want your visits to be successful and enjoyable. Treatments are administered and short in duration but most importantly they improve and reduce pain after only a few sessions. Make your safety and comfort your primary goal and contact us today to start your rehabilitation.