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Chiropractic Care and Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance coverage and chiropractic careHave you ever considered seeking assistance from a chiropractor? Oftentimes, the question on whether or not health insurance will cover chiropractic care comes up and it’s a pretty good question! You may be surprised to find out that the answer is ‘yes,’ but there is a certain criteria that needs to be met in order for the health insurance companies to issue coverage. It is important to review your coverage benefits prior to receiving chiropractic care.

Acute Care Coverage

Most insurance companies will not have an issue covering chiropractic care if you are experiencing acute pain. This means that it is a short term issue rather than a persistent problem. Depending on your particular health insurance policy, you still may be financially responsible for a portion of the care or at least a co-payment for the visit. Co-payments do vary with different health insurance policies as well, so it is suggested to know what your co-payment is prior to making an appointment.

Chronic Care Health Insurance Coverage

If for some reason you are going to require long term (chronic) care, you will have to discuss your options with your health insurance provider to see if they will be able to assist with a portion of the financial burden. Many insurance companies are not known for covering long term care plans but rather the initial rehabilitation costs associated with an accident or again, acute conditions.

Overall costs will vary depending on the care plan that is discussed with the chiropractor and how much (if any) the insurance company is willing to cover. If you have any questions, it is suggested to speak to both your insurance care provider as well as the chiropractic office you have decided to work with to get a better understanding of what costs will be accrued.

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