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Fall Allergy Season

With this week marking the first day of Fall, you might find yourself still suffering from a sneezing and a runny nose during the cooler Charleston days and nights. For those who have lived in Charleston before or who currently reside in the Holy City, you know how rough allergy season can be during the Fall season. In September and October, allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever, is prevalent; this is caused by pollen from plants of the genus Ambrosia, better known as Ragweed. Ragweed allergies are not uncommon; 10-30% of Americans suffer from this every Fall Season. Allergies occur when the body’s immune system responds negatively to a foreign substance that is ultimately harmless. You might find that your body is reacting to these tiny grains of pollen from Ragweed flowers, and our physicians at Alphacare want to help.

Fall Allergy Season

Fall Allergy Diagnosis

The physicians at Alphacare don’t want you suffering from allergies this fall. Our physicians are certified in the field to prevent your allergies from taking over your life. At Alphacare, we will initially perform a clinical examination and take a look into your medical history. In order to diagnose your allergies, our physicians will perform a skin test; using diluted solutions of allergens, we will evaluate your skin reaction to help diagnose the specific allergy. In addition to a skin test, a physician will also perform a blood test to measure your level of IgE antibodies to certain types of allergens.

Treating Fall Allergies

Once Alphacare’s Certified Physicians are able to properly diagnose your specific allergies, we are able to offer a treatment plan aligned to your needs. Don’t ignore your Fall Allergies this season, manage them with help from a certified allergist. Contact Alphacare to learn more about managing your Fall Allergies at 843-824-CARE or