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Foot unbalance in children means that one leg is longer than the other. Foot unbalance can happen to anyone. In fact, about 95% of people are unbalanced by as much as a centimeter. If you’re unbalanced by less than a centimeter, it isn’t hard for your body to adapt. However, if the difference is greater than a centimeter, it could lead to other types of knee, hip, ankle, or back pain. If your child is having any unexplained pain in these areas, they may need to come in for a screening. It really is important to start looking for solutions as soon as possible.

Foot Unbalance in Children

Screening for Foot Unbalance in Children


Typically, it is easy for doctors to tell if a patient has foot unbalance that is greater than a centimeter just by watching them walk. However, there is a more precise way to screen for foot unbalance in children. The doctor would take a x-rays from the hips to their feet and then measure the lengths of their bones. Typically, though, a lot of time, money, and x-rays are involved in this process.

Treatments for Foot Unbalance in Children


Though there generally is no long-term treatment for unbalanced feet, there is an easy solution to lessening the pain and balancing out your child’s feet. By putting a shoe insert or a little lift into the shoe of the leg that is shorter, the pain should subside fairly quickly.


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