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Healthy Eating Tips  for Thanksgiving

It is that time of year again where everyone gathers for Thanksgiving, smiles are shared, reflections on the year, and mostly – a big delicious feast! Just because the winter months and holiday season are around, does not mean that you cannot enjoy them just the same; with a few minor adjustments, you can do it in a healthy manner.

Healthy Eating Tips Thanksgiving

Eat Healthy This Thanksgiving


Healthy Eating Tip # 1: Eat Breakfast!

It is essential to eat breakfast and kick start your metabolism for the day – your body naturally needs fuel and regardless if you think it is too much or not, you work with your body to keep it out of ‘starvation mode’ which makes people hang onto unwanted weight.


Healthy Eating Tip # 2: Lighten Up Your Options

Cooking with fat-free items and low sodium items is a great way to lower unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats. With sugary pies and desserts – lighten up on the sugar and try stevia or even integrate fruits into the desserts rather than manufactured sugars. Yogurt is a wonderful replacement for dips that typically use sour cream, it can also be used in many casseroles and mashed potatoes while still tasting delicious.


Healthy Eating Tip # 3: Portion Control

It is not necessary to overeat, although tempting, your body becomes full at a certain point. Listen to your body and if you are still having difficulty – use smaller plates. Rest assured you will still enjoy everything but not be harming your health.

These are just a couple tips for a thinner holiday but remember to actually slow down and enjoy your food as well. Savor those flavors that everyone craves during Thanksgiving, not only will it help regulate the amount of food eaten, it will help in avoiding extra poundage as well. Happy Holidays!


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