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Healthy Fall Habits For your Family

Healthy fall habits, including healthy eating, can make all the difference in whether your family suffers the effects of illness this cold and flu season. Eat healthy and stay hydrated to make the best of your Fall days.

Stay HydratedHealthy Fall Habits

Although the heat of summer has passed, hydration remains as important as ever to your overall health. The body must maintain a steady level of fluids in order to function normally. Water helps support immune functions, flushes toxins, and supports nearly every natural function. Stay hydrated to ensure that the body has access to the water it needs to maintain fluids and immune functions. Drinking water, rather than soda, coffee, or other sweet drinks is the healthiest way to stay hydrated.


Healthy Eating

The holidays pose one of the biggest annual challenges to our healthy eating plans. Rich desserts and the temptation to overindulge are all around. Combat the temptation with healthy eating habits. Don’t skip your favorite holiday treats; rather take smaller portions and eat slowly, savoring the flavors. When you give your body time to fully process the act of eating, you’ll find that you feel fuller and more satisfied than if you eat too quickly or overeat.

Importance of Exercising

The importance of exercising can’t be overstated. Take advantage of the cooler weather to get out and explore. Hike, jog, or just explore nature. Outdoor activities like pumpkin farms, corn mazes, and even races and marathons offer opportunities to get out and get moving. There are many “turkey trot” themes geared toward beginners who understand the importance of exercise. Use this as an opportunity to begin or maintain an exercise routine. Your body will thank you.


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