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With summer fast fading into memory, fall looms on the horizon. Rather than allow cooler weather and the comfort foods associated with the holidays to wreck your efforts at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, take advantage of the changing seasons to boost your resolve and keep working toward your good-health goals.

Dieting During Holiday Meals

Rich desserts, heavy gravies, and other comfort foods line the table during the holidays, not to mention the deep-fried everything served at Superbowl parties. There’s no need to don a muzzle or avoid holiday parties and gatherings. Fall offers a myriad of opportunities to indulge in the rich flavors of the season while taking care of your body. Swap pumpkin-spiced, sugar-laden drinks and pastries for a pumpkin smoothie made from real pumpkin and flavored with the spices of the season. Try warm smoothies for a change from the refreshing summertime treat.

Healthy Fall FitnessHealthy Fall Habits

Don’t let the falling temperatures drive you inside and make you into a couch potato. Take advantage of the cooler weather to hike, jog, and explore. Look for outdoor activities like corn mazes, pumpkin farms, and even races and marathons. Costumed races and “turkey trot” themes are common, and often these types of races are friendly to beginners. Fall offers plenty of opportunities to get out and moving.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to assume that you don’t need as many liquids in the cooler weather. You may not be losing as much moisture to perspiration, but your body still needs plenty of liquids to continue functioning at optimum levels. Don’t retire your water bottle just because the temperatures drop, and remember that fruit juice, tea, coffee, and cocoa also help to hydrate your body.

Plan Ahead

Fall often means a busier schedule for families. Fall sports, school activities, and more mean our laid-back summer schedules are speeded up considerably. Plan your day to take advantage of the natural light in the early afternoons. Rely upon crockpot meals to reduce your kitchen prep time and allow more time for outdoor activities before the evening meal. Fall into healthy habits this season!