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With warmer months approaching, it’s important to evaluate your habits and be sure you’re taking care of your body. Heat and humidity can become overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Plan for warm weather activities, and enjoy your summer. Alpha Care has several healthy summer habits we suggest to ensure you have a great summer!

Healthy Summer Habits:

Hydrate for Healthhealthy summer habits

Drinking plenty of water, especially during the warmest hours of the day, can help stave off dehydration. Your body is using more water in the form of sweat, and the liquid needs to be replaced regularly. Avoid sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks, which actually cause the body to excrete even more water in an effort to flush the excess sugar from your system. Need a little flavor in your water? Consider adding a few pieces of fruit for a flavor infusion.

Exercise Intelligently

Your fitness routine shouldn’t wilt in the summer heat. Summer provides ample opportunity for walking and running outside, not to mention the yardwork that needs to be done and other activities that can be completed outside. Consider engaging in the bulk of your exercise in the early morning or evening, to avoid the heat of the d ay. If you must be outdoors during the hottest hours, take frequent breaks, seek shade, and stay hydrated.

Take Advantage of Summer’s Bounty

Many fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, making this the perfect time to become a farmer’s market regular. Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, and consider buying in bulk to freeze and enjoy well into the winter. Better yet, plant a garden and grow your favorite vegetables right at home for succulent, and healthy, summer treats.

Bask Sensibly

The summer sun is a welcome sight after winter’s grey clouds, but remember that too much sun isn’t good for your health. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and light colored clothing all protect your skin from the damage of UV rays. Sunburn is not only painful; it can precipitate skin damage leading to melanoma. Take steps to protect your skin, and enjoy summer without the burn.