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Summer is always a fun time for families, with school out and vacations planned. There are some important things to keep in mind though to keep your family healthy all summer long.

Tips For Healthy Summers

Sunscreen & Sun Safety – Sunburn and sunstroke is a sure way to ruin a day outdoors. Always wear sunscreen and drink lots of water when you and your family are outdoors, and watch for too much sun/heat exposure.

Water Safety – With the beach and boating being a great draw of Charleston summers, we want our families to enjoy it but being out on the water can have its own set of health risks. Make sure your family adheres to the top water safety tips, like wearing life jackets, listening to lifeguards, and checking tides before going to the beach or boating.

Driving Safety – Summer is one of the most dangerous times for driving. More people are on the road traveling and unfortunately more people are drinking and driving. Follow our safe driving tips, don’t drink and drive, and follow traffic laws.

Allergy Treatments – Allergies can ruin outdoor activities for both kids and adults. Healthy summers can be allergy-free with allergy diagnosis and treatment from out on-staff allergist, Dr. Fred Schaffer.

Chiropractic Care – Back pain can ruin anyone’s time and severely reduce your quality of life. Get chiropractic care and a back pain diagnosis and continued treatment at any of our locations through Charleston.

Make A Doctor’s Appointment in Charleston

Keep all of your summers healthy summers, by visiting the doctors at Alpha Care, and following our tips to stay safe! We are standing by to help diagnose, treat, and resolve your allergies, injuries, or general care needs with full-service doctor’s services.

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