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With cooler weather, some people think that allergies are not going to bother allergy-sufferers, but unfortunately that’s not true. Especially around the holidays, there are many allergy-laden things that can cause a sneeze-attack or worse. Let the allergists at Alpha Care help you avoid your allergy troubles to make the most of your holidays.

Holiday Food – always make sure you ask what is in a specialty holiday dish to make sure that you don’t accidentally eat something you’re allergic to!

  • Know what you’re allergic too
  • Communicate those allergies to the cook

Moldy/Dusty Decorations – we all store our Christmas decorations in the (maybe) damp and drafty attic. It may be time to take some precautions so you’re not unknowingly submitting yourself to allergies caused by mold. Live greenery, including Christmas trees and wreaths often have mold spores, too.

Holiday Allergies From Moldy/Dusty Decorations

  • Get artificial greenery to avoid mold spores
  • Throw away or thoroughly clean old decorations
  • Store your decorations in a dry, safe place (air-tight containers are a safe bet)

Pet Dander – With cold weather and holiday social parties, it’s very likely pets are staying warm indoors — building up dander in the indoor air.

  • Thoroughly clean carpets/floors
  • Wash hands after playing with pets

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If you’re taking precautions and still having trouble with allergies (or asthma), call the allergist team at Alpha Care in Charleston, SC today. Our experienced Allergist,  Dr. Frederick M. Schaffer, will help you figure out what the problem is and treat you so that you can avoid allergies in the future! Contact us today online or call 843-824-2273.