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Allergist Charleston SCDo you think you have allergies but aren’t sure? Allergy symptoms can cause a lot of headaches (literally) seasonally and when you come in contact with allergens. It is important to see our expert Charleston allergists who can help diagnose and treat your allergy symptoms.

How Are Allergies Diagnosed?

There are multiple ways to get an accurate diagnosis of your allergies. First, our allergists will review your medical history and your symptoms, as well as perform a clinical exam. Then, if allergies are suspected, they will perform further allergy testing to identify the specific allergens that trigger your symptoms. The most common tests are blood tests and skin tests.

Diagnosing Allergies With A Blood Test

There are different types of blood tests used to measure the levels of antibodies to specific allergens in a patient’s blood. These types of tests typically screen for ten of the most common allergens, like pet dander, tree pollen, grasses, molds, dust, and Charleston-specific triggers.

Diagnosing Allergies With A Skin Test

Skin tests are another method of measuring antibodies present in a patient to specific allergens. The most common skin test is known as a “Scratch Test“.

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  • Scratch Test – During the scratch test, the allergist will put a potential allergen on the skin, then “let the allergen in” by scratching or pricking the skin underneath.
  • Intradermal Test – The intradermal test is very similar to a tuberculosis test, with allergens being injected just underneath the skin.
  • Patch Test – For longer exposure, the allergist will place an allergen patch on the skin.

In all of these skin tests, allergists wait to see how the skin reacts to the allergen. If the skin reacts to one or more allergens, we can accurately identify your specific allergens and treat that specific allergen.

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