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When patients come in seeking chiropractic adjustments, they are often dealing with pain in the joints or back. There are a variety of causes for pain, such as pinched nerves and vertebrae that have slipped out of alignment. While chiropractic adjustments tend to focus upon hard tissues like bone and cartilage, massage therapy works differently, addressing pain and tension in the muscles. While the two therapies are different, they can be complementary.

Enhance Chiropractic Adjustments with Massage Therapymassage Therapy Charleston, SC

Tense muscles put pressure on joints and the spinal column, and may contribute to pulling joints and vertebrae out of alignment. Massage therapy loosens the tension, releasing the pressure on joints and the spine. Range of motion may be increased, and pain from tight muscles may decrease, allowing for more effective chiropractic adjustments.

Long Lasting Relief

Adjustments realign your joints and vertebrae. Tension in your muscles can push or pull the adjusted area, misaligning the joints again. Massage helps relax the muscles, easing the tension. If the patient follows up with appropriate exercise, the muscles can be strengthened, improving the overall alignment and strengthening the joints and back.

Pain and Stress Relief

Massage therapy has multiple benefits beyond the release of tension. As the muscles relax, a feeling of peace and wellbeing settles in, decreasing stress.  Pain is reduced as the muscles feel more loose and limber. The reduction of tension and pain increases energy and good feelings, which may increase motivation and ability to exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. When combined with a healthy diet, regular adjustments, and a fitness routine, massage therapy can support overall health and wellbeing.

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