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One of the downsides of an active lifestyle is the potential for injury. While proper training and fitness can prevent many sports injuries, accidents happen. When you’ve suffered a sports injury, recovery comes in stages. The immediate response to the injury, the treatment plan, and follow-up therapy all impact your long-term ability to get back to the sports and the active lifestyle that you enjoy. Knowing the steps to recover after an injury will help you tremendously.

Initial Injury Response

When you suspect a sports injury has occurred, it’s imperative to take a moment to assess the damage. While some injuries are obvious, like fractures and severe sprains, some may not be immediately apparent. Following a hard impact or fall, be sure to take a moment to assess what your body is telling you. Weakness, trembling or pain, especially in a limb, may be signs of an injury. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting or unconsciousness may indicate a concussion. The best course is to be checked by medical personnel as soon as possible following any potential injury. The sooner treatment is started, the sooner healing can begin.

Immobilization, Rest, and Recovery

Initially following an injury, immobilization may be necessary to prevent further damage. If the injury involves a limb or joint, a splint or cast may be used to maintain alignment. Although the athlete’s instinct is often to return to the field as soon as possible, it’s important to build rest into the healing process. Healing can’t be rushed. Following your doctor’s instructions and participating fully in your recovery are the best ways to get back to your sport sooner.

Physical Therapy

Once the initial injury has begun to heal, your doctor may implement a regimen of physio therapies to prevent muscle atrophy and maintain strength and flexibility. Physical therapy not only assists the healing process and supports muscle strength, it can help you learn proper techniques for warm ups and cool downs, to help prevent future injuries. Physical therapy takes place both in a clinical setting and with exercises you can do on your own, with your therapist’s instructions.

If you suspect you’ve suffered a sports injury, contact Alpha Care to learn about the therapies and treatments that can help speed your healing and get you back to the sport and hobbies you love.

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