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 Solutions for Pulled Muscle

pulled muscle

Have you pulled a muscle? We have all pretty much experienced pulling a muscle or will at some point in our lives and they aren’t fun to deal with by any means. The best thing to do in a situation like this (Step 1) is to relax and relieve any stress or pressure to the area of the body. Muscle strain is generally cause by excessive usage or overexertion. A pulled muscle is indeed torn fibers that are within the muscle itself and if you add to it – there is a possibility to tear the muscle completely.

Muscle Treatment Step 2

The next step you will want to consider making is to ice the affected area. Ice naturally helps reduce pulled muscle swelling and will also help reduce some of the pain associated. If you are unable to find an ice pack – you can easily make one or use some frozen vegetables! You do not want to use any type of heat because it won’t reduce the inflammation that occurs when a muscle is pulled.

Muscle Treatment Step 3

Compress the pulled muscle with a medical wrap. If you do not have something like an ace bandage, you can cut up an old t-shirt of sheet and that will suffice. This also helps reduce inflammation to the affected muscle but will also ensure that you won’t cause any more damage to the area either. One thing you do want to watch out for though is ensuring that the wrap is not too tight because you want to avoid cutting off blood circulation.

Muscle Treatment Step 4

Elevate the affected area if possible. Let’s say you pulled a muscle in your leg – you can lay on the floor and place your feet up on the wall or prop them up on some pillows. If you hurt your arm you can sling it to relieve the pain.


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