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Back Pain

Are Back Problems Caused by Too Much Sitting?

Back problems affect as much as 80% of the American population at some time in their lives. With many of us spending our days sitting, back problems are inevitable. Sedentary back pain can be treated with targeted therapies and exercise.


Back Problems

When you suffer from back problems, mobility and quality of life are affected. It is difficult to enjoy normal everyday activities when you are in constant pain. Bending, twisting, lifting, moving, and even sitting may become difficult. A lack of exercise can lead to further complications, like weight gain and depression. Back problems are a leading cause of chronic health issues in the United States. It’s important to talk to your doctor about your back pain so that you can begin to devise a course of treatment that suits your lifestyle and goals.


Sitting Back Problems

Sitting Back Problems

With Americans spending so much time sitting, back problems are inevitable. We are designed to move, stretch and bend. Constant sitting puts a strain on the muscles of the back, weakening ligaments and critical support structures. It’s possible to ward off sitting back problems by taking some preventative measures. Get up during the day, at least once every hour or so. Walk, stretch, and move around. Consider using a standing desk, to avoid putting a strain on your back, and if you must sit, use an ergonomically correct chair that offers proper support. Mothers everywhere will rejoice to hear they were right about one thing- sitting up straight and proper posture are also important to warding off sitting back problems.


Sedentary Back Pain

Sedentary back pain does not need to rule your life. As frustrating and debilitating as back pain can be, there are treatment options that can improve your range of motion and mobility. Stretching exercises, targeted physical therapy, and a comprehensive treatment plan may be necessary to ease your back pain. Contact Alpha Care today to begin the process of building the plan that’s right for you.