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When healing from a strain, sprain, or other muscular injury, discomfort can be surprisingly severe and healing may take a longer time than we’d like. While no healing happens instantly, it’s possible to speed up the process significantly with LightForce Laser Therapy. The treatment is painless, quick, and safe.

LightForce Laser Therapy Charleston, SC

What to Expect with LightForce Laser Therapy


The LightForce Therapy Laser is administered by a trained professional, in sessions that last 5-10 minutes at a stretch. The treatment initiates a healing process that acts to reduce inflammation for up to 24 hours after the treatment is completed. The reduction in swelling and inflammation improves mobility and reduces discomfort. The treatment targets specific areas. The patient will experience soothing warmth during the treatment and relief in 3-5 sessions.

How Does it Work?


TheLightForce laser therapy delivers up to 15 watts of laser therapy directly to the affected area. The laser light exposes deep tissue areas to phototonic energy and uses photobiomodulation to promote cell growth and assist in the recovery process. The light emitted is in the near-visible infrared range. The gentle action of the laser penetrates into the tissue to encourage cell growth and regeneration. Tissue can’t receive enough oxegyn and nutrients when swelling and inflammation interfere with effective blood flow. The laser treatment helps reduce inflammation, increasing blood flow to the area and enhancing healing.


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