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Your annual checkup may not seem like a big deal, but it can make all the difference in your continuing health. Catching certain conditions early can mean the difference between quick, simple treatments and a lifelong challenge. Why wait to be sure your health is covered? Call Alpha Care today to make your appointment for your annual checkup.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

heart health One of the first tests your doctor will take is the most common and familiar one- the blood pressure and heart rate. These baseline readings tell your doctor if your heart and lungs are healthy and strong, or if there could potentially be a problem putting pressure on your heart and vascular system. Since heart disease becomes more common as we age, blood pressure and heart rate become even more important as patients pass 40. Irregular heartbeat, a heart murmur or other signs might point to a serious heart condition.

Mental Health

During your annual exam, it’s important to discuss any concerns you may have about your ongoing emotional and mental health. Memory problems, mood swings or depressed mood, or stress and anxiety are all challenges that your doctor should be aware of. Anxiety and depression can have devastating physical effects, so discuss treatment options with your doctor. Treatments can range from antidepressants to lifestyle changes.

Ears, Nose and Eyes

Your doctor will perform routine checks of your ears, nose, throat and eyes as part of the regular physical exam. Your lymph nodes, the condition of your teeth and gums, and even the health of your tonsils all provide clues to your overall health. Your doctor isn’t just checking these key areas out, he or she is looking for telltale signs of disease.

Blood Tests and Screenings

An annual lipid panel is important for older patients. High cholesterol can have a devastating effect on the heart. Regular blood tests check for a number of diseases including heart disease and diabetes. By having regular screenings for these problems, you can be sure problems are detected and addressed early, before any long-term damage can set in.

Your annual exam is more than just a check-in with your doctor, it’s a chance to be sure your body is working the way it should. Call for your annual checkup today.