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Ways to Minimize the Impact to your Spine During Summer Activities

Minimizing the Impact to your Spine During Summer Activities Charleston SCWith Summer 2016 around the corner, many families, coworkers, and friends will begin planning summer activities, and road trips for their vacation time. Before you accept your invite to the mountains, beach, theme parks, camping, or any other summer adventure, make sure you’re aware of the importance of Minimizing the Impact to your Spine During Summer Activities.


Avoiding Back Pain During Summer Activities


Remember that the longer your trip, the harder it can be on your spine when you have back or neck pain that stems from herniated disks, sciatica, injuries, or spinal arthritis. Especially on road trips where sitting in place for hours on end can negatively affect your existing back and neck pain. Without the proper ergonomic support, there’s a good chance you’re going to aggravate your current condition, and that can quickly ruin your summer activities. Here are some helpful tips to minimizing the impact to your spine during summer activities:


Pack lightly. If you prepare ahead of time, you will be able to plan how to pack each bag or suitcase carefully. When you have back or neck pain, less is not more so if needed, pack more bags or suitcases than you normally would so that each one is light rather than have a few heavy bags.


Sit properly. Whether your trip consists of a plane ride or a long car ride you should make sure you are properly seated throughout the journey. You must have supportive and comfortable seating to prevent making your pain worse. Take some time out before takeoff to adjust your seating properly and make sure your back will be against the seat the entire trip, your elbows slightly bent, and your feet firmly on the floor. If you’re the driver, make sure your seat is positioned high so that you can bend your legs comfortably as well. You may want to bring along items that will provide lumbar support like a small pillow, towel, or even a rolled up shirt to place on the curve of your lower back.


Mindful of your posture. Whether you’re sitting, swimming, kayaking, or any other type of summer activity, be mindful of your posture. Adjust as many times as you need to so that your neck and back are properly aligned, and you’re not slouching over. It is very easy to forget to keep your spine straight, but once you get into the routine of keeping it fresh in your mind, it will only become more comfortable.


If back pain is keeping you from having fun during summer activities, make an appointment with us so we can discuss minimizing the impact to your spine during summer activities!