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Exercises of Physical Therapy

The exercises of physical therapy are intended to provide the patient with relief from pain, increase mobility, and improve strength. The exercises preformed will depend upon the individual patient, their goals, needs, and abilities. Your physical therapist will work with you to assess your ability and needs, and to develop a program that best suits your needs.

James Island Physical Therapy

When you come in, you’ll find that our convenient location for James Island physical therapy provides easy

Physical Therapy Charleston SC, James Island Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Exercises 

access to the treatment you need. The goal of physical therapy is to increase strength and mobility. It may take some time to see results. It’s important to work with your therapist. Constant communication about pain levels will help prevent further injury. While therapy should be challenging, overwork of an injured area can cause further damage and set back healing. Be sure to communicate clearly with your therapist your expectations and goals throughout your therapy sessions.

Physical Therapy Charleston SC

Physical therapy, Charleston SC is accessible and our facility provides non-invasive solutions that can reduce pain, increase strength and mobility, and increase quality of life without resorting to surgery. Physical therapy for back pain, joint pain, or following an injury or trauma can have a significant impact on your ability to carry out work and basic day to day activities. Don’t let pain and stiffness limit your enjoyment of your everyday activities, hobbies and sports. Physical therapy can increase strength and mobility, restoring your ability to participate in your favorite activities and improving both fitness and mood. Your therapist will work with you to develop a physical therapy exercise routine that best suits your needs and lifestyle.