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Antibiotic Overuse Can Be Very Harmful to Your Health

antibiotic overuse

We all have faced our fair share of catching the common colds, going through the Flu season fearing to come in contact with anyone. We all had sore throats amongst many other viruses as well. Generally, we go to the urgent care or our doctor and are either told – ride it out and take it easy, or ‘here is an antibiotic’ to help you get better. Many adults, and parents alike have received antibiotics but the main concern is, should we be questioning the amount of antibiotics that we and our children, are placed on throughout the year. YES! There is such a thing as antibiotic overuse – which of course many people may never consider this because they think doctor knows best.

While we are not here to tell you not to listen to your doctor, we are trying to make you more aware about what you are taking, how often, and what exactly it is doing to your body. The biggest thing to consider is how antibiotics work in the first place – here’s a little insight.

How the Antibiotics Work

With huge advances in modern day medicine, antibiotics have been around since the 40s. The issue – while antibiotics have helped millions of people worldwide, is that antibiotic overuse can and is, leading to resistant bacteria. Resistant bacteria mean that the harmful bacteria that the body has trouble fighting off – have become stronger and the antibiotics are becoming ineffective. What are we supposed to do now?

Concerns About Antibiotic Overuse

This is the main concern about children (and adults) that are prescribed these antibiotics to rid themselves of the viruses – are coming back yearly to the pediatrician’s office, being prescribed medicines – and still being sick. With antibiotic overuse we now are running the risks associated with conflicts, which include allergic reactions, stomach upset and other side effects. The body/s immune system is fairly strong and develops over time but reconsider placing yourself or your children on antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary!