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Risk from Endurance Training

Anyone can endurance train, but typically this form of exercise can be used by athletes or people looking to lose weight. Endurance training is used to improve general stamina or specific strength for distance running events, cycling, or competitive swimming. While athletes enjoy the benefits of endurance training, non-athletes also use it to improve their general fitness or burn more calories. Endurance training is a great way to stay fit or train for a sporting event, but there are some risks involved that could potentially be dangerous. Endurance Training


Heart Problems

After about one hour of training, your cardiovascular system will have already benefited from the exercise, but after that, the effects of continuing to train could turn negative. People who vigorously exercise for extended periods of time (more than one hour per day), could develop abnormal electrocardiograms that could increase their risk of heart problems like atrial fibrillation. Age can also be a factor because as people start pushing 50 and continue endurance training, they are more likely to have scarring and fibrosis in the heart.


Other Risks

In addition to heart problems, endurance training can also cause these complications if done incorrectly or for too long:

  • Excess cortisol might be released. This is a stress hormone that could lead to catabolism or chronic disease.
  • Tears in muscle fibers. These tears could then have trouble healing if you keep exercising and lead to other injuries.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Insomnia.


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