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Preparing for summer is an exciting time for kids and maybe a stressful time for parents. Adding to the stress of summer vacation planning, is the increased amount of drivers on the road during summer. With all the traveling, teens and young adults out of school, and families on the road, there is an increased likelihood of a wreck. According to the NHTSA , there are almost double the number of auto accident fatalities during summer than through the rest of the year combined.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, the certified physicians and chiropractors on staff at Alpha Care are there for you. We understand how an injury can not only decrease your quality of life, but it also increases stress for those around you. Let us help you diagnose, treat, and resolve an auto accident injuries. We have doctor’s offices convenient to Charleston, SC in four locations in James Island, Summerville, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant. Call us at 843-824-2273 or contact us online.

To avoid needing to come to Alpha Care – follow our safe driving tips when you and your family is on the road this summer.

Safe Driving Tips

Remove Distractions – Texting and talking on the phone while driving is one of the leading cause of traffic accidents today. Don’t use your phone while driving, but distractions come in other shapes and sizes, like eating food, messing with the radio, and even interacting with passengers.

Keep Car Maintenance Up To Date & Safe – From keeping your windshield clean to keeping your engine running smoothing, car maintenance is very important to driving safely. Get your car regularly inspected to ensure your machine is running at its highest level.

Do Not Drink & Drive – This one’s a no brainer, but a constant problem. Do not drink alcohol and drive. Period.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt – Seat belts save lives. Always wear yours and insist that your passengers do the same.

Obey Speed Limit & Other Traffic Laws – Obeying the law will help minimize traffic incidents. Speeding and losing control of a vehicle is a major problem, especially on slick roadways or in dangerous conditions.

Don’t Drive Tired – Being drowsy or tired while driving can sometimes have the same effect of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Tired drivers cannot react or notice the drivers around them as quickly as an alert driver can. Stop at a hotel or rest stop when you need to!

Use Caution When Driving In Bad Weather – The 15 minute torrential downpour common in Charleston can wreak havoc for drivers. Whether you’re driving in a downpour, on slick roads, in the fog, or other weather be sure to practice extreme caution.

Don’t Follow Too Closely – Following too closely results in many rear-end collisions, which is a major cause of whiplash and head and neck injuries after an auto accident.

Defensive Driving – To ensure you and your family is safe, always practice defensive driving. Do not drive aggressively and assume other drivers will do the unexpected. Don’t let other drivers make you mad or frustrated. Just focus on being safe.