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seasonal injuries from cold

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Now that winter is coming to the Charleston, SC area, the Alpha Care doctors want to make sure our residents are aware of seasonal injuries that are common with cooler temperatures. Luckily, we’ve learned from “A Christmas Story” not to stick our tongues to frozen light poles, but there are some other injuries everyone should watch for this winter!



Common Cold Weather Seasonal Injuries

  • Slipping/Falling On Ice – slipping on unseen ice is a common cause of broken bones and mild to severe back sprains in the winter.

    ice on ravenel bridge

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  • Car Accidents From Black Ice – when driving in below freezing temperatures, always keep your eyes on the road to watch for black ice, especially on all the bridges in the area. Always drive slowly and carefully when there may be ice on the road.
  • Arthritis from Cold Weather – Cooler weather can also aggravate arthritis. Alpha Care doctors in Charleston can help relieve pain from this arthritis!
  • Dry/Chapped Skin – Cold weather can also make skin irritated and eventually chapped and cracked. If your skin irritation is severe, contact our Charleston doctors for antibiotic creams or ointments specifically formulated for chapped skin from cold weather.

Always wear appropriate clothing, gloves, and shoes to make sure you can avoid cold weather ailments and be careful walking on ice and while driving to avoid injuries!

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