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Sick for 2 Weeks, Should I see a Doctor?

see a doctor if sick for weeks

We live in a time where people don’t go see a doctor until there is usually a dire problem, like they can’t breathe or they encounter a major breakdown of function. But how long should you really wait before you see a doctor?

Timing Really Depends on You

Whether or not you should see a doctor depends on what you are suffering from, the source and nature of that sickness, and the length of time in which you have been attempting to treat the sickness yourself. If you have flu or cold like symptoms, and you don’t start attempting to treat those symptoms until weeks of suffering has passed, then you may want to give over-the-counter medications time to work. To the contrary, if you have excessive bleeding, swollen appendages, or are in so much pain you cannot function in day to day life, you may not want to wait too long before you go see a doctor. Sometimes whatever you are using to help get over the sickness will help you identify how long you should use it before consulting a doctor. There are instructions on all medications and ointments that suggest if problem persists – seek professional help.

Check the Internet

There are many websites you can check that will help you diagnose your symptoms and determine if you need to see a doctor. Because the world is digital these days many people forget they can call their doctor or a doctor’s office to be advised on what to do before they automatically make an appointment to go into the office. There are even some mobile apps that will actually put you in direct contact with a doctor to help you identify if you need professional attention.

Two weeks can be a long time not to feel well and not feel like yourself. If you are working to make yourself better, but you can’t seem to heal whatever is ailing you, then it may be time for you to go see a doctor.