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Does an Aspirin-a-Day Keep the Doctors Away?

Aspirin use


There are over the counter medications that are available to people to take but how often they take these medications is always a concern, and especially when it comes to something like aspirin. Aspirin does in fact offer many health benefits but it is not something that you should just decide to start taking without consulting your physician first. Many cardiologists are faced with this question from their patients on a daily basis and they are the best people to speak to about the situation. Some physicians may suggest implementing daily aspirin to help with heart issues, but a second opinion from a cardiologist will definitely guide you down the right path.

An Aspirin Daily? The Good and the Bad

Consuming aspirin daily does have both advantages and disadvantages. While thinning blood out to help those who may have heart issues, it can also cause patients risks surrounding excessive bleeding. Daily aspirin use is said to reduce the risk of heart attacks in those patients who have prior history to heart attacks or are at higher risk for coronary artery disease.

Many Americans are at Risk

Unfortunately, coronary artery disease is a leading killer in many people throughout the United States. While being a great over the counter fix to reduce risks of a deadly killer – taking too much or self-medicating does not directly address the underlying issues. A healthy diet accompanied by exercise will help reduce these risks as well and there will not be any risks associated with aspirin use.

As no one is the same, nor is their genetic and chemical make-up which also goes to say that taking aspirin daily affects men and women differently. These guidelines set by physicians and cardiologists are steps to preventative actions to reduce further heart attacks, but also heeding their advice and following their instructions is important as well.


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