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Summer means happy hours by the pool, drinks with friends and family at barbeques, outdoor activities, and trips to the beach and amusement parks for many families. Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors and reveling in the sun, but it also provides challenges to those wishing to stay healthy. Here are some simple tips to help you stay healthy this summer.
Healthy This Summer

Stay Hydrated

The human body is made mostly of water, and our bodies expel the precious liquid through sweating in order to cool down. It’s important to replenish that lost volume. Sugary and caffeinated drinks stimulate the body to produce more urine, so stick to water for the best hydration. Don’t forget your SPF! A sunburn damages the skin, breaking down the barrier that prevents excessive evaporation of your body’s precious supply of liquid.

Eat Light and Often

Light meals like fish and chicken on the grill, grilled vegetables, and fresh fruits are delicious and filling, but don’t pad the waistline like fatty hamburgers and hotdogs can. While the temptation exists to over indulge at the family gathering, reasonable portions will prevent indigestion and discomfort, especially in the summer sun.

Listen to Your Body

Heatstroke or heat exhaustion is a real concern in the hottest days of summer. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded, overheated, or have a “fluttering” sensation in your chest, you may be overheating. Avoid extended time in the sun by seeking out shade during the hottest hours of the day. If you suspect you or someone else is suffering from heat exhaustion, have them sit or lie down in a shaded area, loosen tight clothing, and apply cool (not cold,) damp washcloths to the forehead and neck.

Stay Healthy This Summer – Charleston, SC

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