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This holiday season, we know there is a lot of stress over keeping the house clean for visitors, decorating, buying presents, figuring out parking lots during holiday sales — it can all begin to weigh heavily on a person! Sometimes all those activities can cause unwanted and consistent back pain–adding even more stress to an already stressful time.  Our chiropractors want to give out some tips to avoid back pain this season. If you already have back pain, our Charleston, SC chiropractors can see you quickly — same day appointments are usually available and no referrals are needed! Call Alpha Care at (843)824-2273 or contact us online.

Santa at the Charleston , SC chiropractorStop Back Pain

Lift With Your Knees

Carrying heavy decoration boxes up and down stairs is a staple of the holidays. Always remember to lift those heavy boxes with your knees, instead of putting all the weight on your back.

Get Help

If the tree is to heavy, get help. If the box is too heavy, get help. Use all that family staying with you help you carry heaviest holiday pieces and ease some of the stress on your joints and back.

Remember To Rest

Here in Charleston, we (thankfully) don’t have to worry too much about shoveling snow which can be extremely hard on your back, but it’s important to remember to rest when you’re doing heavy activity. Giving your back a rest reduces the likelihood of a sprain.

Visit The Charleston, SC Chiropractors As Soon As You Can

If you have pulled or sprained your back, it’s important to get help as soon as you can! Without proper care, back pain can get worse and cause even more problems, so don’t let it fester. Our chiropractors in all four of our Charleston locations can usually see you on the same day and no referrals are needed.