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When the warmer days of summer roll lazily onto the calendar, most people rejoice, ready for outdoor activities, leisure time during the longer days, and hours of fun in the sun. For allergy sufferers, however, summer can bring an upturn in discomfort. Seasonal allergies to pollen, dust, and mold, all of which flourish in the warmer and moister air, often flare up during the summer months and cause summer allergies to flare up.

Causes of Summer Allergies

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Allergic reactions would be more aptly named “overreactions.” An allergy attack is actually your body’s immune system attempting to fight off what it sees as a dangerous invasion. It goes after the intruders- like mold, dust, and pollen, with histamines. Antihistamines help reduce the effects of the body’s over reaction, easing some of the symptoms of an allergy attack.

Scientists don’t really know what causes our bodies to over-react to specific triggers. There are a number of theories but no hard data (yet) on what causes one person to have allergies while another does not.

Immune Alignment

One of the goal of chiropractic treatment is to align the joints so that they are not impinging the nerves that carry messages through the body. Some theorize that releasing the pinched nerves and aligning the joints and vertebrae provides the body an opportunity to work more efficiently. When our bodies function more efficiently, less energy and resources are wasted, freeing up those energy and resources for important functions like a healthy immune system. Regular chiropractic care may help relieve stress, which in turn helps to relieve the discomfort associated with allergies.

Talk to a Doctor at Alpha Care

While chiropractic treatment is an excellent, organic, non-medicated supplementary treatment, severe allergies should be treated by a specialist. Medication may be necessary to adequately control symptoms, especially in the case of asthma or patients with a history of anaphylactic shock. While chiropractic care may allow the patient to reduce dependence upon medications and inhalers, it’s important to talk to your doctor before making any changes in medication.