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Tips for driving Through Flooded Streets

flooded streets

Driving has become a common and necessary daily activity for a majority of people all over the world.  Whether we commute for work, school, or pleasure activities, it is certainly a staple to life in this day and age.  The weather seems to be the most common deterring factor when it comes to getting around.  In some areas, the main travelling problem tends to be snowfall, but more commonly is excessive rain and flooding.  The best protocol in the event of flooded streets, is to stay where you are, and refrain from driving at all!  Of course in some occasions this may not be possible, and in that case, there are a few things to remember when driving through flooded streets.

Safety Before Speed

When approaching flooded streets, to ensure safe crossing, always slow down significantly, or even stop.  Hazard lights should be on, to alert other vehicles to your presence, and to give a better view on how deep the water is.  Do not try to get a head start and speed through the road settled water.  This could result in losing control, or spinning off the road.  Once you have determined the water is not too deep for your particular vehicle, be sure that it is weighted down enough to stay grounded through the flood.  Engage the highest gear of your vehicle, and slowly proceed into the water.

Damage Prevention

As you continue slowly through the flood waters, keep the engine going a steady, growling pace so that water will not be able to enter through your exhaust and damage your vehicle. Do not stop in the middle of the water, as this will cause excessive water intake and could shut down the vehicle, leaving you stranded. If you are driving a manual transmission, be sure and hold in the clutch to prevent automatic shutdown.