Top Treated Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are on the rise, as the weather warms up and teams hit the field for a new season. Sprains and strains are the most common injuries, followed closely by minor tears to ligaments and muscles, and concussions. Each injury is unique and requires individualized treatment from an experienced medical team.

Ankle Sprain

The ankles are one of the most complex and vulnerable structures in the body. They are held together with strong, stretchy bands of tissue called ligaments that support the bone structure while allowing a great deal of Sports injuriesmobility and flexion. When one of those ligaments gets stretched too far, it may suffer a strain or tear. Healing a sprain requires rest, compression, and alternating heat and ice. If the pain is severe, or lasts more than a few days, see your doctor.

Hamstring or Groin Strain

Like ligaments, muscles can be stretched too far and may become strained, hot, tender, and sore. The major supportive muscles in the hamstring and groin are two of the most vulnerable muscle groups, followed closely by the muscles in the lower back. A pulled muscle may result in a sharp, shooting pain, that is followed by a deep ache and sharp pains when you try to move the area. Muscle strains are best treated with rest, over the counter anti-inflammatories, and elevation. Give the strained muscle time to repair itself before engaging in heavy activities, usually at least one to two days.

Joint Injuries

Joints are complex structures supported by muscles and ligaments. The most common injuries affect the knees in the form of dislocations, strains, and ACL tears, and elbows with “tennis elbow” or tendonitis. The treatment depends upon the damage. Ligament tears may require support, rest, and potentially surgery to repair the damage. Strains, sprains, and muscle pulls are treated with rest, elevation, over the counter anti-inflammatory and pain medications.

If you suspect you or a loved one has suffered a sports injury, call Alpha Care and schedule an exam. We’ll get you back on your feet and back to your favorite sport quickly.

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