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Spring is just around the corner in Charleston, South Carolina, which means that allergy season has already started! Over the last few days, we’ve noticed trees, flowers, grass, and bushes greening up and shaking out their new flowers. Pollen has started flowing through the air and landing on cars and settling on to our ponds.

Spring Allergy Causes (Allergens)

  • Tree Pollen –  Tree pollen is the most significant allergen causing our allergy problems, see a full list of tree allergens.
  • Grass Pollen
  • Weed Pollen

How To Fight Allergies

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, allergies will only get worse from here as pollen builds and trees fully bloom. To fight mild allergies, patients can limit their time outside on windy days or in high allergen periods, use natural remedies (like eating more Vitamin C and onions), and over-the-counter allergy products like Benadryl or Claritin.

Visit Alpha Care’s Charleston Allergist

For more severe allergies, patients can visit our on-staff allergist to get prescription medication and allergy shots. Allergy shots can help your body “get used to” the allergens that are bothering you, resulting in fewer allergy symptoms. For new patients, our experienced allergist will identify and diagnose the cause of your allergies, then help you combat them. Let us help you enjoy your Spring and  Call today at 843-824-2273 or contact us online for an appointment.