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Tech Neck: What It Is and How to Avoid It- Charleston, SC

Aviod Tech Neck: Charleston scWith the rapid increase of technology over the past couple decades, “tech neck” is a fairly recent condition. The term refers to neck pain resulting from long periods of neck flexion, during which people are looking down at a computer screen. While it does not sound too serious, tech neck, if left untreated, can lead to more severe conditions like cervical spinal degradation.


Tech Neck Symptoms

It is important to know the symptoms so that you can identify it as soon as possible and talk to your doctor about treatment. Here are a few symptoms of tech neck:

  • You have aching pain at the junction of your neck and shoulders. If when you stretch, you don’t experience any relief, this pain could be an indicator of tech neck.
  • You have pain on only one side of your body. One upper arm, shoulder, or side of your neck could be sending stress signals to your brain.
  • You have frequent tension muscle headaches. These cause dull pain and tender muscles on your neck, scalp, and shoulder. You may also have muscular spasms in your neck.


How to Avoid Tech Neck

If you have had any of the mentioned symptoms or want to avoid tech neck, take a look at these tips on avoiding it:

  • Take frequent breaks from staring at your screen. Give your body and eyes a break by walking around for a couple minutes.
  • Practice neck exercises to strengthen your neck muscles and increase their flexibility.
  • Try neck support pillows or neck collars. These help stabilize your posture and allow muscles to correct themselves over time if you are already experiencing symptoms of tech neck.


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