What to Do if Physical Therapy Hurts

What to Do if Physical Therapy Hurts

If you’re in physical therapy, you’re already familiar with the pain of injury. But should you mention pain to your physical therapist? After all, isn’t pain part of the process? Not necessarily. Know when to speak up, for the best progress in physical therapy.

The Role of Your Physical Therapist

Your therapist is there to teach you the correct techniques and to implement a physical therapy treatment plan that is designed to assist with healing, improve strength and mobility and increase your range of motion and overall health. Working with your physical therapist is critical to success, and a big part of working together is communication. It’s important that you alert your therapist to any discomfort and describe the level and location of your pain.

Good Pain in Physical Therapy

Believe it or not, some pain is good and necessary during physical therapy. Discomfort is normal during exertion and in fact is desirable during exercise. If you’re not experiencing any discomfort during your physical therapy sessions, you may not be making progress. As your muscles are challenged, they burn carbohydrates, resulting in the production of lactic acid. The acid builds up in the muscle and causes a “burning” sensation. The burning should dissipate in a few seconds after the exercise stops. It is not a sharp, sudden pain, but rather an ache or burning that builds slowly and fades after exercising. You should report any sharp or sudden pain immediately to your therapist.

Chronic Pain During Physical Therapy

People who’ve lived with chronic pain may perceive pain differently from the general population. Your pain may be different. Remember that pain is the brain perceiving stress. Patients with chronic pain have changes to their brains that result in a different perception of pain. Over time, the brain can be retrained to experience pain differently. Chronic pain patients can achieve results if physical therapy is applied consistently, with appropriate intensity, and correctly with the help of a competent therapist.

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