Dr. Annette Zaro

Dr. Annette Zaro-COON - Owner

Dr. Annette Zaro-Coon is the owner of Alpha Medical and Spinal Care.

Dr. Annette Zaro was born and raised in Texas. Soon after meeting the love of her life, she married, and in 2014, moved to Charleston. She has an Undergraduate Degree From San Francisco, CA, and a Graduate Degree from Life West Chiropractic College. Wanting to really delve into spinal cord and brain injuries, she went on to achieve an Advanced Degree in Whiplash Brain Injury Traumatology in 2012, and attended Post-Graduate Training in Pediatrics.

She also has an Advanced Certification from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in Whiplash, Management Principles in Personal Injury and Forensic Documentation, Principles in Impairment Rating and Forensic Reporting, and Medico-Legal Fundamentals for Practitioners and Forensic Experts.

Dr. Zaro interned at Life West Clinic, and from there, went into private practice in 1998. She served on the state board in Nevada and was instrumental in passing and implementing legislation to protect the public. Dr. Zaro was a board member of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board. And she is a grader for the Ethics and Boundaries Tests, which are administered by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, as well as a curriculum reviewer for the National Continuing Education Database Providers for Approved Continuing Education (PACE). There, she served as the Tri-County District Director for the SCCA for six years. She also served as the President of the South Carolina Chiropractic Association (SCCA).

Although being one of the most accomplished clinicians in chiropractic care, her passion is found both in treating patients and being a wife and mother. She has three dogs and a pet squirrel. In her spare time, she loves riding motorcycles, sporting clay shooting, boating, kayaking, jogging, and spending time with her husband and children. What she adores most about working at Alpha Medical and Spinal Care is the team that supports her day in and out. Dr. Zaro also loves that she can consult with other doctors on staff and works hard to tackle all of her patient’s pain management needs from all angles and facets.