Chiropractic Care for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Back Pain

At Alpha Medical and Spinal Care, our goal is to address the musculoskeletal and spinal disorders of all ages with immediacy and as comprehensively as possible. Our team of professionals is expert at diagnosing the cause of things such as limited mobility, back pain, headaches, generalized joint pain, and any condition that lowers quality of life.

We specialize in both acute and chronic conditions and not only get to the source of the health problem; we find treatments to get you back on your feet, and living as pain-free as possible.

Subspecialties Working Together in one Centralized Location

We understand that most chiropractic issues are not a one appointment, or one treatment, issue. They are often complex and require the use of different subspecialties and treatment options to help you on the road to recovery. That is why we offer a multidisciplinary approach that includes general medicine, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and pharmaceutical assistance, all in one centralized place.

A Multifaceted Approach to Treatment

We have three conveniently located offices in North Charleston, Summerville, and James Island with many subspecialties under one roof. That way, you aren’t going from one doctor to the next, waiting for appointments, and then results, and not getting a complete picture of your health condition and how to solve it. Our professionals have the most advanced equipment to help both diagnose your health concerns, and also, find a multifaceted approach to treat the many components necessary for you to get back on your feet, living as pain-free and healthily, as possible.

We Tackle Both Acute and Chronic Conditions

Our offices offer same-day appointments that help to treat both acute and chronic conditions. And we also have the latest equipment and treatment modalities to tackle your health concern from all angles. Alpha Medical and Spinal Care mission is to provide the highest quality chiropractic and medical care, addressing everything from diagnosis to treatment. And we have all the tools necessary on-site to get a clear picture of the complexity of what is going on and how best to aid in the healing process.

At Alpha Medical and Spinal Care, we can address many conditions, including, but not limited to:
  • Physical Exam/Diagnosis
  • Radiographs
  • Manipulation/Mobilization
  • Intersegmental Traction
  • Exercise/Rehabilitation Instruction
  • Post-Injury and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Decompression Traction
  • Injury Supports/Braces
  • Interferential Therapy
  • Premodulated Therapy
  • Russian Muscle Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic Spinal Ultrasound
  • Cervical Traction
  • Ice/Heat
  • Resistant Tubing Exercises

Our goal is to use not only the expertise of our professional staff but also the latest and most innovative tools and therapies to help you enjoy the highest quality of life. We understand that most conditions aren’t solved with just one visit. Often, it takes many opinions, consultations, and treatment tools to heal the body and mind. At Alpha Medical and Spinal Care, we address our patients with a holistic approach not just to expertly diagnose, but also to devise a customized treatment plan to help you live your best life.

Targeted Pain
Management Approaches

The Alpha Medical and Spinal Care team of chiropractors and physicians are available same-day to address both acute and chronic conditions. Each of our offices, conveniently located in North Charleston, James Island, and Summerville, are fully equipped facilities that have everything centrally located in one place to handle all of your health concerns.

We are committed to providing the highest quality chiropractic care to address your back and neck pain issues using the most advanced and up-to-date equipment and therapies in the industry.

Alpha Medical and Spinal Care is currently accepting new patients. Find a board-certified chiropractic professional at any one of our offices by contacting us at 843.824.2273 today.

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Our mission is to provide our patients with all the professionals they need to both treat and diagnose both acute and chronic health conditions. We offer same-day appointments to help you live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Meet our team of board-certified chiropractors and physicians today!