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The Lightforce Therapy Laser is used to treat a variety of conditions and injuries. Are you a good candidate for laser treatment? It depends upon your condition, your goals, and your doctor’s advice. The treatment is quick, convenient, and offers immediate results that develop over a 24 hour period. Typically, patients begin noticing results after 3-5 treatments. The treatments take 3-5 minutes to administer and are normally utilized in conjunction with a physical therapy routine. The cellular stimulation helps relax and prepare the muscles for physical therapy, making the work more effective and speeding the healing process.

Lightforce Therapy Laser- Joint Injury Treatment

The Lightforce Therapy Laser is used to treat and reduce inflammation, resulting in a faster healing process and reduction of pain. If you’ve suffered from a joint injury like a dislocation, strain, or pull, laser therapy may be recommended to help reduce swelling and inflammation and reduce pain. The Lightforce Laser works in the deeper levels of tissue, utilizing your body’s own healing abilities by stimulating cellular activity.

Back or Neck Pain

Inflammation is often at the root of spinal pain. Your back and neck muscles are especially vulnerable to strain as they are constantly working to hold the body’s balance and equilibrium. Poor sleeping habits, unsafe lifting, or an injury can leave you with debilitating, chronic pain. Laser therapy helps address pain at the source, reducing pressure on the nerves and restoring range of motion and mobility.

Relieving Chronic Pain

Many conditions which cause chronic pain involve inflammation. By reducing the irritation of the tissue, pain can be reduced and physical therapy and other treatments become more effective. As mobility increases, so does confidence and an overall sense of wellbeing. Over time, the treatments can result in a reduction of chronic pain, and provide greater mobility and the ability to participate in physical therapy treatments.

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