How to Minimize Back Pain at Work- Charleston, SC

Having back pain at work can make it harder to get your tasks done. Once you understand the causes of back pain, you can more effectively take steps to minimize it. Take a look at the common causes of back pain and these tips on preventing it:

Causes of Back Pain

Any number of factors can cause back pain. However, the most common causes are force, repetition, and inactivity. Avoid putting force on your back by not handling heavy objects. If you twist and turn repeatedly, these repetitive motions can wear out your back and injure your spine. Lastly, if your job involves you sitting for extensive periods of time, like a desk job, you might be more prone to back pain. The probability that you will have back pain is heightened if you have bad posture or your chair doesn’t have good support.

Minimizing Back Pain at Work

Here a few ways you can minimize your back pain while you’re working:
  • Be aware of your posture. If you’re standing up, try not to slouch and make sure you balance your weight evenly between your two feet. Get a chair that has good back support and that is comfortable to sit in. When you’re adjusting your chair’s height, ensure that your feet rest flat on the floor when you’re sitting down.
  • Know how to lift properly.Not many people know how to properly lift heavy objects. When you lift something that is heavy, make sure you lift with your legs and your core, not your back. Hold it close to your body when you stand up and maintain your back’s normal and natural curve. Try not to twist and turn.
  • Mix it up when you’re doing repetitive tasks. Whenever possible, use lifting devices to help you carry heavy objects. Switch between physically demanding tasks and easier tasks. Instead of hauling around a heavy suitcase, get one with wheels.
  • Pay attention to your body. If you know you’ll have to sit in the same spot for a long time, change your position frequently. Try to walk around whenever you can and stretch your muscles lightly.

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