Lightforce Laser Therapy for Athletes | Charleston, SC

Athletes are often considered among the most physically fit patients. They also suffer a high number of injuries due to their participation in intense physical activities. While injuries can’t be entirely avoided, they can be treated in non-invasive ways that help speed the healing process while avoiding surgery and pharmaceutical pain killers in many cases. Lightforce Laser therapy is one example of a non-invasive treatment that fits well into nearly every treatment plan.

How Lightforce Laser Therapy Works

The laser is applied in sessions of five to ten minutes at a time. Stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, the treatments initiate healing, reducing inflammation for up to 24 hours after the session. The laser treatment can be used to replace, or in conjunction with, pharmaceutical pain reduction. Photons penetrate deeply into the tissue, and interact with cytochrome c complexes within the mitochondria, increasing cellular metabolism and speeding the healing process.

What to Expect

Your therapy may take place as part of a larger physical therapy program. Your doctor will discuss your overall treatment plan. Lightforce laser therapy may be used in conjunction with targeted exercise intended to help reduce inflammation and retain and improve mobility. The treatment lasts from five to ten minutes at a time. Patients report either minimal sensation or a pleasant feeling of warmth. The treatment is entirely painless. Results will continue to develop for up to 24 hours following your session. Generally, patients see results after three to five treatments.


Depending upon your condition and specific needs, the therapy may be administered through a contact or non-contact hand-held applicator. Some applicators include a massage element that helps the light penetrate more deeply into the tissue. The massage may increase the effectiveness of the treatment and speeds the healing process further. Your doctor will discuss your goals and treatment plan with you.

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