The Benefits of a Family Physician

Family Care

Family care is a branch of primary care that provides you and your family with ongoing, comprehensive health care. Its purpose is to focus on the individual as a whole. This type of health care welcomes all ages, sexes, and covers any type of disease or organ. It includes not only biological and clinical health, but also behavioral health.

Family Doctor

Having a family doctor comes with quite a few benefits. Because family care is ongoing, the family doctor is able to build relationships with his or her patients, ultimately allowing him or her to offer more personal guidance and treatment. They consider many underlying factors that may be contributing to the patient’s health, such as stressful life events, relationships, and so forth. This is the biggest difference between family care and other forms of primary care.

Having a family doctor is more useful than you may think. A thorough understanding of a patient’s history allows for better treatment if sicknesses or diseases do arise. Having family medical records from across generations also makes it easier for the family doctor to treat and prevent heart disease, cancer, and other conditions.

Urgent Family Care

Urgent family care treats illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention, but this does not include those that are life-threatening. A few examples of the conditions that are treated with urgent family care include but are not limited to: fever, sore throat, vomiting, cough or respiratory illness, ear pain, diarrhea, minor burns, or urinary infections.

No matter what your ailment may be, the experts at Alpha Care Family Medical Center are here to help. We’re confident you will feel not only treated for any illnesses or conditions you may be suffering from, but also genuinely listened to and cared for as an individual. Call us today at 843-824-2273 to set up an appointment.

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