What is Lightforce Laser Therapy?

Chronic pain can be acute and disabling. Lightforce Laser therapy is a technique used to reduce inflammation and pain at the source. Photos enter the tissue, acting at the mitochondrial level to interact with the cytochrome c complex. The interaction helps stimulate cellular metabolism, jumpstarting the healing process.

Therapy Without Side Effects

Physical therapy is often the best answer for dealing with chronic pain caused by disability or injury. Strengthening the supporting muscles helps reduce pressure on joints and limbs, reducing pain. It’s difficult to participate in therapy, however, when one is in pain. Lightforce Laser therapy not only reduces pain and inflammation, it allows patients to more fully participate in physical therapy. Since Lightforce Laser therapy does not rely upon medications, it has few if any potential side effects.

Chronic Conditions

In cases of chronic pain, the reduction of stubborn inflammation may help reduce pain. Treatments can be customized to fit the individual needs of patients, and patients who require pain medications and other treatments can utilize Light Force therapy treatments without worry about drug interactions.

What to Expect

The treatments last an average of five to ten minutes at a time. The treatment may produce no sensation at all, or a gentle, soothing warmth. The therapy may be used in conjunction with a massage, making it a pleasurable experience for most patients. Results are usually seen at the first treatment, and tend to develop over time. The relief has been shown to be long-lasting, making this an effective and efficient treatment.

Is Lightforce Laser Therapy Right for Me?

When you come in for your consultation with your Alpha Care doctor, we will discuss all your options for therapy and the reduction of chronic pain, including Lightforce Laser therapy. If you believe Lightforce Laser therapy may be helpful to you, call today and arrange your consultation.

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