Why Stretching is Important for Your Back- Charleston, SC

Understanding Why Stretching is Important

If you want to stay fit, exercise right, and reduce the likelihood of pain or injury, it’s a good idea to stretch. Not only is stretching important for your whole body, but it is especially important for your back health. Because your back works hard every second of the day to hold up the upper half of your body, it’s important you keep it flexible and strong. Here are a few reasons you should be stretching with your workout or when you’re seated at work for a long period of time:

Stretching Tips

  • Stretching improves muscle development.To build muscle in your back and make it stronger, it enables you to move through the full range of motion needed to build full and long muscles.
  • Stretching increases your range of motion. By increasing your range of motion, your back will be more able to handle certain tasks that previously may have caused you back pain.
  • Stretching reduces injury.Along with allowing you to be more flexible, it reduces your chances of injury. With longer muscles, you will be more able to twist and turn your back. In the case of a fall, your body will be used to being stretched in that way so you’re less likely to pull a muscle of tendon.
  • Stretching warms you up. When you’re sitting at your desk for hours on end, it’s a good idea to stretch your back every so often. Just as you should be getting up and walking around occasionally, stretching your back will provide the muscles with oxygen and nutrients to keep them going.
  • To Stretch, improves posture. If you are strengthening the muscles in your back, and therefore improving your posture. It can also alleviate back pain.

Alpha Care

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